Tips for making your season bright… and safe.

During the holiday season our homes are an especially tempting target for would be intruders.  From having a surplus of new, desirable items under the tree to being gone more often, its time to beef up your security to make sure that all your possessions don’t make a burglar’s season bright.

Pinnacle Security recommends you place your holiday tree carefullyTree Location- For years fire authorities have told us to turn off our holiday tree before we leave the house.  These pinnacles of holiday decoration are wrapped in electric lights and can be a a tremendous fire hazard.  Have you thought about the position of your tree though?  Placing it in the front window might help make the neighborhood a little festive, but when you turn off those lights as you leave the house that visually announces “I’m not home.”

Pinnacle Security recommends you install customizable light timersTimers- Everyone remembers Joe Pesci’s character from Home Alone, watching the street from his van as the lights on timers click on.  Timers can be a great way to trick intruders into thinking you are not home, but be sure to get ones that allow you to customize the schedule throughout the week.  Better yet, get a system that provides a web interface to create custom schedules for your lighting.

Pinnacle Security suggests you be careful when answering the door Visitors- The holidays are full of visitors: neighbors bringing treats, delivery men asking you to sign for a package, and obscure relatives stopping by for a little turkey dinner. Be aware of who you let into your home and what you say tho those you do let in.  Giving them clues to your plans for the holidays, or even hints of what is wrapped under the tree may become an invitation to plunder your holiday trove.

Pinnacle Security suggests you get to know your neighborsGet Familiar- Your neighbors can be a huge help year round, especially when it comes to keeping your community safe from predators and intruders.  Bake a plate of cookies and go see the family a few doors down that you haven’t gotten to know yet.  Share your passion for a maintaining a safe, secure, neighborhood, offer to keep an eye on their place during the holidays and ask them to do the same for you.  Exchange phone numbers and be sure to introduce them to others on the street.  The more familiar everyone is with each other, the less likely any of you are to become a victim of a crime.

Pinnacle Security recommends you post status updates when you return homeWait to Update.  As you update your status on Facebook or Tweet your shopping list, be aware that every time you announce your location or activities you may be telling others “I’m not home.”  Its better to post once you return home “I just got back from a great sale at ____ and picked up things for the whole family.  Glad to be home!” is a safer way to report your activities without inviting intruders over for the afternoon.

No matter what you do, be sure to keep your home security system armed whenever possible.  Whether you are going over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house, decking your own halls, or nestled all snug in your bed with visions of sugar plums dancing round in your head, keep your system activated.  That way you can enjoy your holiday season while we watch over your home for you.


How to Turn Your Chime On and Off

Your chime is the audio feature that sounds every time a door or window sensor is opened while your system is disarmed. It can help mothers keep track of their kids coming in and out of the house, or alert them if a toddler is wandering out the back door into the street. The chime could also alert you if someone is trying to break in while you’re home and your system is disarmed. While some customers love this feature and find it very useful, others would rather not use it. Turning this feature on and off using your Simon XT panel is very simple, so whichever category you fall into, we hope you find these instructions helpful!

You will use the up, down, and OK buttons located in the upper right hand corner of the panel, just right of the blue screen. *Note: If you scroll through options too slowly, the system will time-out and take you back to the main screen. If you have this problem, try simply scrolling through the options faster.

To Turn Chime OFF:

1. Press down once or twice until the blue screen reads “chime on.” Press OK. “On” should start flashing.

2. Press down and it will start flashing “Off.” Press OK to save it. Chime is now turned off.

To Turn Chime ON:

1. Press down once or twice until the blue screen reads “chime off.” Press OK. “Off” should start flashing.

2. Press down and it will start flashing “On.” Press OK to save it. Chime is now turned on.

If you have any trouble or further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our technical support at 1.866.722.9030

Watch a video about our chime feature here!

Meet the Customer Care Team

Here at Pinnacle, customers are our #1 priority. That means that we’re doing everything we can to make sure that every interaction our customers have with us is a positive one. We understand that even if you love the equipment we have to offer, you’re getting a great price, and you love having our security system in your home, unless we also consistently offer you quality customer service, we’re not giving you the experience that you deserve with our company. It’s important to us that when you need assistance, you are able to contact a friendly, knowledgeable, efficient agent and get your problem resolved quickly. We’d like to introduce you to some of our customer care employees and give you an idea of what they do every day to offer every Pinnacle Security customer the quality service that they deserve.

Quality and Training Kyle

Say hello to Kyle, a member of our quality and training team. This is a department that you will most likely never speak to directly, but one that helps you in a big way. Kyle says that their mission goal is to prepare new hires to better serve our customers, knowing that the better our employees are trained, the better they’ll be able to serve you. This department works hard to cross-train across departments so that all employees know more about Pinnacle and are more likely to be able to take care of you in one call, instead of needing to transfer you to another department. We strive for one-call resolution—so if you have both a billing question and a simple question about the operation of your alarm, we want to get you on the line with one agent who can help you with everything you need.

Our Quality team listens in on agents phone calls to evaluate their performance and make sure that all agents are delivering quality service. They grade calls based on how knowledgeable, helpful, respectful and friendly the agents are. Based on the results, we coach individual agents on how they can improve, and when there are patterns, we develop broader trainings to improve the areas where our service is lacking.

Account Creation Cameron

Account Creation will be your first contact with Pinnacle’s Customer Care team. We know that this is important—that’s why you’ll speak with someone like Cameron who will always make a good first impression! He will request important information necessary to set up your account, including your name, DOB, address, home phone number, the type of system you’ve chosen to have installed, and the monthly monitoring rate associated with that setup. He’ll speak with you to verify that we’ve entered everything correctly so that we can make sure there are no mistakes on your account. Our Account Creation agents are very detail-oriented and know that is critical that everything on your account be accurate. We’ll take care of your account up through the installation, speaking with you before the technician leaves to make sure that he explained everything clearly and that you’re satisfied with his service.

Customer Service Ashley

This is Ashley, a member of our Customer Service department. She is well-trained to listen carefully and help you resolve any problems or questions you have dealing with billing, alarm permits, move or cancellation requests, or sending a technician to your home. If you prefer to contact us by email, you can send us a message at or You will receive a call from a customer service rep about 48-72 hours after sending the email, or you can request a time for us to call back when it is most convenient for you.

Technical Support Rachel

Last but not least, meet Rachel from Technical support. She and her coworkers have an in-depth knowledge of our equipment and how it works. If you have any problems or questions dealing with your equipment or how to use your system correctly, she is the girl for you. She’ll troubleshoot and have your problem fixed in no time. She’d also be happy to walk you through logging into your online Mobile Control account, installing the ap on your smart phone, or resetting your Mobile Control password if you’ve forgotten it. Technical support strives to solve all of your technical issues over the phone and are able to do so 85% of the time, so it’s unlikely that we’ll have to send a technician out to look at a problem.

In order to offer you around the clock service, our customer service and technical support departments are now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We want you to be happy with your system and our service, so don’t ever hesitate to give us a call and let us help you out!

Contact information:

Customer Service
Phone: 1.877.746.7233

Tech Support
Phone: 1.866.722.9030

Equipment Spotlight: Flood Sensors

Is your Pinnacle alarm system equipped with a flood sensor? These specialized sensors are part of our line of environmental products and will detect water in your home. If you’ve ever heard that fateful drip-drip-dripping sound, gone to investigate, and found one big mess of water where you don’t want it—you know exactly how frustrating flooding can be. It can quickly ruin your carpet, walls, furniture and personal possessions, creating a messy and expensive (not to mention smelly) headache. Whether you have a burst pipe, a leaky dishwasher, or a rain storm creeping its way into your basement, a flood sensor will warn you early on so that you can take the necessary actions to stop the small problem before it becomes a big one.

Why do I need a flood sensor?

While homes located in low lying areas, coastal areas, or downstream from dams or other bodies of water are at particularly high risk of flooding, floods can occur anywhere. If you have never experienced the nightmare of flood damage and don’t live in a high risk flood area, you may think you don’t need this kind of protection—but think again. Here are just a few stats for you:

There is a 26% chance of experiencing a flood during the life of a 30-year mortgage (more than 6 times the likelihood of a fire)
• Floods occur within all 50 states (they can occur anytime, anywhere)
• 25% of flooding occurs outside areas formally designated as being flood prone (i.e. Special Flood Hazard Areas)
• Nation-wide, flooding caused more than $4 billion a year in losses in the 1990’s
• Even minor flooding can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in losses and repairs

Palm Beach County. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Another important thing to know is that most home insurance policies don’t cover flooding—check your own insurance and you may be surprised. This makes a flood sensor a very valuable piece of equipment to have in your home.

How does the Flood Sensor work?

Basically, it detects the presence of water where it shouldn’t be. You can have it installed in your basement, bathroom, near water heaters, or wherever else you have flood concern. All of our environmental products (including the flood sensor) are monitored 24-7, whether or not the system is armed. When water is detected, the sensor will trip the alarm and alert the monitoring station.

How much will it cost?

The Flood Sensor itself retails at $99, but that pricing does not include installation. As with all pricing, it may vary based on your current configuration and account with us. To get your exact price, call our Customer Care department at 1-877-746-7233. You can also learn more about the Flood Sensor on our website:

What to Expect during an Alarm Event

Hopefully, you have not yet encountered a break-in or other emergency requiring the assistance of your alarm system, but it’s nice to know what you can expect. Here’s an overview of what will happen when that siren sounds:

When any sensor is tripped and the alarm goes off, a signal is forwarded to our monitoring station. An agent there will first call the premise home phone number to verify the emergency. If the homeowner is there, can correctly give the verbal password, and can verify that it was a false alarm, we will not dispatch services. If there is no answer at the home, the monitoring station will contact one or two of the primary emergency contact numbers you have listed on your account. (These calls are made simultaneously by different agents so that it won’t take more than 1-2 minutes to actually send dispatch.) If we are not able to contact anyone who can give us the correct verbal password and can verify that there isn’t an actual emergency at the home, we will immediately dispatch the appropriate services to your home: the fire department for a tripped smoke detector, EMS for a medical pendant, or police for any other sensor (door, window, motion, glass break, etc.).

*NOTE: It is extremely important that you obtain an alarm permit if your area requires one. In some areas, emergency services will not respond to an alarm if the resident does not have a permit.

If you have a 2-way panel

If you have a panel with 2-way voice capabilities, when the alarm is set off, someone from the monitoring station will come over the panel and speak to you to verify the emergency before calling any of your emergency contact numbers. This will happen for any alarm event except for a panic police signal. If the monitoring station has received a panic police signal, when they come over the panel, they may first simply listen in to see if they can hear what’s going on. So if you had a false alarm and no one came over the panel, that doesn’t necessarily mean your system wasn’t communicating properly. Also, in the event of a police panic, the monitoring station will dispatch immediately before calling any contact numbers, assuming it is an actual emergency since those signals must be set off manually.

If you have any further question concerning your alarm system, equipment, or what you can expect to happen during an alarm event, please feel free to contact our technical support department at 1.866.722.9030.

What to Expect During Pinnacle Security’s Home Security System Installation Process

You’ve made the decision to secure your home. You have a basic idea of how an alarm system works, but what will you go through when you make this important investment? How do you know what kind of sensors your home will need? How long will it take to install? What is the impact on your home, and how will it change your behaviors? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you know what to expect:

1. Home Evaluation

Your experience will begin with speaking to one of our top-quality security consultants. Whether in person or over the phone, they will help you evaluate the potential security risks in your home and make suggestions on sensors or devices to help reduce or eliminate those risks. Each one of our security consultants is highly trained and licensed to understand the equipment we offer and how it works. Since your home is unique, it will require a custom security configuration, and they will ask questions about your home and family to assess what type of arrangement is best for you. Are you interested in having Mobile Control online access? Is your home at risk for flooding? Would a member of your family in poor health benefit from having a medical pendant? The consultant will be able to assess these needs and answer any other questions you might have.

2. Welcome Call

Call Pinnacle Security for all your home security system needsOnce you decide on an equipment configuration, the consultant will inform you of the price associated with what you have chosen and call into our Account Creation department to make sure you qualify for the system. They will request important information necessary to set up your account properly, including your name, DOB, address, home phone number, the type of system you’ve chosen to have installed, and the monthly monitoring rate associated with that setup. Account Creation will then ask to speak to you to confirm that we have all of your information entered correctly. It is critical that everything be accurate, as mistakes may cause a delay in dispatch to your home. The agent will also be happy to answer any additional questions that you may have.

Pinnacle Security technicians install 90% of our home security systems the same day they are ordered.

3. Scheduling

After the Welcome call, you will set up a convenient time to have one of our technicians come install the system. We know that once you’ve made the decision to secure your home, you don’t want to wait, so unlike many of our competitors we work hard to get the system installed the same day you’ve ordered it. While we don’t have a perfect record, over 90% of our systems are installed that same day and almost all others within the next three days.

4. Installation

When the technician arrives, ask to see his license and employee identification. (We would never want you to welcome someone into your home that is not authorized to be there.) Depending on the equipment you’ve ordered and your home’s layout, installation will take around 1-2 hours. First, he’ll review your order with you to make sure the sensors you’ve selected are appropriate to secure your home. As a technician, he understands the capabilities and limitations of devices within any home layout, so listen to his advice carefully. Once you’ve both agreed that the setup you’ve chosen is right for you, he’ll get to work installing the panel, peripherals sensors, and testing the system. Because the equipment is wireless, the impact on your home will be minimal. He will need to send signals to confirm that each sensor is communicating properly with our monitoring station, so expect some loud sirens for a few minutes! He’ll explain to you exactly how your alarm system works and show you how to use it. Don’t be shy, this is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have and make sure you understand all the details of the equipment in your home.
Once we make sure everything is working properly, your system will be put on a 24-hour test period so that you can have a little time to practice using your system without worrying about police showing up at your home. After this, your system will be fully functioning and any alarms will bring either police, fire, or medical emergency services to your door.
If you’ve subscribed to Mobile Control, your technician will help you get logged in for the first time and point out the basics of configuring your notifications. Before he leaves, he’ll call the corporate office to let them know the job is complete, and they’ll ask to talk to you. They will ensure that the technician clearly explained to you how to use the system, answered any questions you may have had, that he cleaned up after the installation, and that you are satisfied with the service you received. They’ll also explain the warranty that covers any service to your system within 90 days. This way if anything should go wrong or isn’t working properly, we’ll be able to send someone out to take care of it at no cost to you. After that call, the installation is complete. Your technician will leave you with a yard sign, double-sided stickers for your windows, and a Pinnacle Security Welcome Packet.

5. E-mails, Web Resources, and Social Media

Like Pinnacle Security on Facebook at the first few days you’ll receive a few e-mails from us. One will include an overview of your system, what you had installed, and links to helpful videos like “How to Arm” and “Understanding the Chime Feature.” Watching these videos can escalate your knowledge and usage of the system from novice to professional, but as always, do not hesitate to contact the customer care or tech support teams when you have questions or need assistance. You can also “like” Pinnacle Security on Facebook for chances to interact with our other customers and participate in various contests managed by our marketing teams. If you’re an avid twitter user, you can follow us on Twitter @PinnacleSecure and get the latest updates and tips on everything to do with security. And of course, read our blog for the interesting articles related to the company, security, and charity initiatives.

6. Importance of Arming

While having a security system in your home can truly bring you peace of mind, you must remember that the equipment is infinitely more effective when you remember to use it. Keeping the system armed allows us to monitor and protect you, but you need to do your part so we can do ours. Arm the system when you leave for work, keep it armed as often as possible throughout the day, and of course, arm it at night when you go to bed. The most important thing to us here at Pinnacle Security is your safety and security. Thanks again for choosing us to secure your home and family.

Mobile Control Online Access

Pinnacle Security's Mobile Control app is free and easy to use
Every Pinnacle customer who has a cellular system installed in their home also receives Mobile Control, a free service providing mobile and online access from any web-enabled device. It comes with your system, is user-friendly, and getting your account set up is fast and easy. When your system is installed, your technician will provide you with a temporary username and password and help you log in for the first time on our website (you can also call technical support for this information). There, you’ll create your own custom username and password and can start accessing various settings to customize your Mobile Control to meet the needs of your home and family. Here are just some of the online features that you don’t want to miss:

The Pinnacle Security Mobile Control app for iPhone is available for free in the App storeArming and Disarming:

The ability to arm and disarm the system online is Mobile Control’s most basic and frequently used feature. Say you left your home for work or vacation and had so much on your mind that you forgot to arm your system leaving—or can’t remember whether or not you did. You certainly don’t want to be worrying about it while you’re gone. Just open the Mobile Control app on your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, check the status of your alarm, and arm it if you haven’t already. If you don’t have a smartphone with a data plan, you can use any computer with a web portal. Once armed, you can enjoy the peace of mind you deserve to enjoy your vacation or workday. But what if you did remember to arm the system before leaving on that vacation, but need to let your neighbor in to feed the dog, water your plants, etc.? You can either log back on and disarm your system long enough for them to take care of business, or use your Mobile Control portal online to set up a custom access code just for them. You can even set your system to notify you via text or e-mail when they use that code, making sure they’re only entering your home when you’ve specified. Whichever option you choose, make sure that your system is armed again afterwards. Add an Image Sensor or Live Video Camera to your security configuration, and you can have the added benefit of seeing what they are doing inside your home.

The Mobile Control app shows a history of recent eventsView Recent Events:

A list of recent activity on the home screen of your Mobile Control portal or mobile app will tell you what’s been happening when with your system. If you are going to be gone for several days, you can check in occasionally to ensure that everything is still armed and no sensors have been tripped. On a more daily basis, you might use this feature to make sure your kids got home from school okay by checking to see what time your system has been disarmed or armed—if they haven’t disarmed it at the time you expect, you’ll get a heads up that something might be wrong.

Set Alarm Notifications:

Notifications are messages sent via text or email for alarm events you specify. You can customize each of these to your needs in the “Notifications” section of your Mobile Control web portal. Let’s say you want to receive a text message every time a sensor is tripped (or only the sensor on your teenage son’s window) or anytime the system is armed or disarmed, you can set that up. This way, you can be immediately informed of any alarm activity. There are also notifications for system events like low batteries, power failures, or phone line failures. You can add or edit users on the account at any time, giving them custom notifications as well by inputting their email addresses or phone numbers. If you and your spouse both want these notifications, or only one of you, you can adjust that, or even create a setting to only inform you of these events if they occur at certain times of the day.

You can receive text or e-mail alerts when your pinnacle security alarm system is trippedArming Reminders:

Forgetful? If you are always forgetting to arm your system, it may not be there to provide protection when you need it. The last thing you want is for an intruder to break into your home at a time when you’ve simply forgotten to arm the system. Knowing that you could have prevented the situation would be terribly frustrating. Instead, set up daily arming reminders to send you a text message if you haven’t armed your system by the time you specify. In other words, your head won’t hit the pillow until your home is secure.

Whatever the needs of your particular home and family, Mobile Control has something to help you get the most out of your alarm system. If you haven’t logged on before, come take a look at what this mobile access has to offer!

Which Kind of Alarm User Are You?

What type of alarm customer are you?

Pinnacle Security can protect your home while you're on vacationThe Vacationer.  The vacationer arms his alarm system only when he leaves on a long trip.  He wants the peace of mind to know that his home is on lockdown while he’s gone, and if anything happens the monitoring station will call him.  With that covered, he focuses his attention on which color umbrella to have in his next tropical beverage.

Mom's love Pinnacle Security's chime featureThe Stay at Home Mom.  The stay at home mom never arms the system.  She has too many kids going out the door throughout the day, plus 7 different animals, from dogs to lizards, all of which have to be taken outside on a regular basis.  She like the idea of the alarm, but mainly keeps her system for the “Chime” feature.  Knowing which door is opening at any given time helps her keep the two year old from wandering outside into the street for the 4th time this month.

Pinnacle Security's alarm system helps the businessman stay conntectedThe Connected Businessman.  The connected business man can’t tear his eyes away from his mobile device.  He is constantly e-mailing, reviewing attachments and stepping into meetings.  Since he’s able to spend so little time at home, he stays connected to his family through his live video camera.  In the middle of the conference call he can open his app and watch his kids playing on the living room floor.  He may not be able to talk to them, but he still feels like he’s there, even for just a moment.

Learning to use your Pinnacle Security alarm system properly can dramatically reduce false alarms.  The Stickler.  The stickler has the most robust alarm system money can buy, with sensor on every door and window, cameras and image sensors in every room.  They keep the system armed every moment possible, and will only disarm it for a brief moment when using the doors.

Knowing how to properly use your Pinnacle Security system reduces false alarmsThe Boy Who Cried Wolf.  The boy who cried wolf is a master of false alarms.  He is too lazy to learn how to properly use the system, and is constantly calling the police or fire department to his home for no reason.  They actually have a nickname for him down at the precinct.  Its not a nice one.  The police are probably creating “How to use your alarm properly” classes right now, and plan to make them mandatory for this guy.

Don't forget to arm your Pinnacle Security Alarm SystemThe Devoted Armer.  The devoted armer sets the system at night when everyone is asleep, disarms it in the morning, and then arms it again during the day.  She uses her mobile app to keep tabs on what is going on in the home and has custom alerts set up to notify her when someone (like a family member) disarms the system.  She teaches her older kids how to use their own codes, and the younger kids know not to open the door or the “big loudness” will come.  She is an active member of her neighborhood watch and takes the security of her home very seriously.

A Pinnacle Security Medical Pendant can save a lifeThe Medical Miracle.  The medical miracle wears his emergency button on his wrist everywhere he goes.  With the slightest flutter of his heart or twitch of his liver he presses it, letting the monitoring company know he needs help.  While there have been a few cases of indigestion, it has saved his life more than once.

A Pinnacle Security smoke detector can save your homeThe Triple Threat. The triple threat has smoke detectors in every room, carbon monoxide sensors in the garage, near the furnace, and fireplace, and flood sensors in the bathrooms and by the water heater.  All she needs now is a good insurance agent.

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5 Most Important Points to Buying a Home Security System

When you make the decision to invent in a home security system there are five very important factors you should research before you buy:

Pinnacle Security uses reliable GE Security equipment

Be sure the company you do business with uses reliable equipment

Brand– What kind of equipment is being used?  Ask to see the brand.  GE Security and Honeywell Security are the two biggest, and have more experience in the security industry than all the other companies combined.  In fact, with how easy it can be to get things manufactured in China these days, many companies are now using equipment with NO name brand.  Why is brand important?  Two reasons: Warranties and reliability.  Knock offs simply cannot compete.  Pinnacle Security uses GE Security equipment.  A world-class brand, GE has been securing families for decades and has nearly perfected the systems needed to do so effectively.  It should also be noted that for the past four years, GE has awarded Pinnacle Security the GE Liberty Award for outstanding customer support.

Pinnacle Security offers a wide range of customizable packages

Pinnacle Security packages can be customized to fit your needs

Customization- While it’s possible to fit your home into a cookie cutter configuration, your home, like so many others, probably has a little something special about it.  That’s why packages are a great start, but rarely meet your needs perfectly.  Look for a company that allows you to start with a package of some sort and swap items in or out according to the needs of your home and family.  For example, if your grandmother stays with you, you should be able to add a medical pendant for her heart condition.  If you live in a floodplain, you should be able to add a flood sensor for your basement to detect leaks before they get out of control.  Pinnacle Security allows you to select any of our home security packages and alter it to fit your needs, or start from scratch and customize a system from the ground up.  Add security cameras, Mobile Control, Touchscreens, and more.  Whatever you can think of, we can do it.

Pinnacle Security's Mobile Control app lets you access your system on the go

iPhone with Mobile Control app

Features- The newest and best home security systems are easy to use and feature packed.  Whether it’s a mobile app for your smartphone or convenient touchscreen panels for your bedroom, the system should have all the capabilities available through modern technology.  Look for things like arming reminders, alert notifications, and mobile accessibility.  These features make the system easy to use and the easier it is to use, the more you’ll do so.  Remember: an armed system is one that actually does its job, a hard to use system remains disarmed and useless.  That’s why Pinnacle Security works so hard to provide useful features.  Check out the following videos on our YouTube channel for an in-depth look at some key features:



Key Remotes:

High quality features such as these turn your system into an everyday useful tool, not just a crime detector.

Pinnacle Security's monitoring stations provide excellent service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Pinnacle Security has 3 monitoring facilities spread out across the nation

Monitoring.  Having a good monitoring station is critical to an effective home security system.  Many small companies will brag about how their monitoring station is “right here in town so they’ll understand your needs.”  But what happens when your town is hit by the most severe storm in 50 years?  Your monitoring station will be down too!  Choose a company whose monitoring stations offer “redundancy” or multiple monitoring stations spread out across a varied geographic area.  Also ask about the monitoring station agents.  Are they first aid certified?  Do they offer assistance during medical emergencies or simply act like a secretary and pass your information to the paramedics?  A good monitoring station agent will stay on the line with you, offering advice, assistance, and comfort until the authorities arrive.  No, they may not be down the street from you, but do they really need to?  Pinnacle Security has monitoring stations in Florida, New York, and California, and our agents are well trained to provide you with the fastest, most reliable monitoring possible.

Pinnacle Security has proudly secured over 300,000 customer over the past decade

Pinnacle Security has been securing families since 2001

Experience.  Anyone can pretend to be a home security dealer, but when it comes to analyzing your home for its security risks, installing a system that covers those potential threats appropriately, and monitoring it the right way, very few companies have the kind of experience you can trust.  Look for companies that have been in business a while.  Ask how many customers they’ve secured.  How many systems have they actually installed and how many do they monitor on a daily basis?  Those kinds of numbers just don’t lie, and when it comes to protecting your home from intrusions, fire, carbon monoxide, floods, and more, do you really want to trust your families lives to someone without sufficient experience?  Pinnacle Security’s Home Security Solutions have secured over 300,000 families for more than 10 years.  In fact, we’ll secure more new customers in 2011 than many other companies have done  in their entire time in business.  That’s experience you cannot put a price on!

At Pinnacle Security, we pride ourselves on providing security solutions to help individuals realize the peace of mind that comes from securing what matters most: Your home and family.

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Why everyone needs a “Duress Code”

You arm your alarm regularly like a good little homeowner.  If someone breaks in while you’re gone, they’re going to get caught.  But what if they hide in your bushes, waiting for you to return?  The “Hostage Situation” is an unlikely but terrifying prospect, which is why EVERY Pinnacle Security Customer should have a “Duress Code.”

A “Duress Code” is a code that silences the alarm, making it appear that the system is disarmed, when in actuality, it sends a message to our monitoring station that “I’m in serious trouble, someone is holding me against my will.”  While we cannot promise what kind of reaction your local police station will have to this type of information, typically the response is quick and decisive.  (After writing speeding tickets all day the cops are probably craving some real action, right?)

Let’s paint the picture for those of you who still haven’t grasped the concept:

Scenario #1- No Duress Code

Out for a jog, you return home full of endorphins and smellyness.  Eager to get inside for a much needed glass of water, you don’t even see the shadowy form hiding in the bushes just off to the side of your home.  As you open the door, he lunges, pushing you inside and closing the door behind him.  Getting up from the floor, your eyes move from his gun to your alarm panel, beeping in anticipation for your master code.  His lips curled into an ugly sneer, he motions to the panel with the barrel of his weapon, as if to say “disarm it.”  The impossible choice lies before you: Do you disarm the system, cutting off all possibility that someone will know your peril?  Do you double tap the “Police” hot key, calling for immediate help but risk infuriating him into a vengeful rage?  Or do you simply freeze, letting the alarm go off and hoping it will either scare him away or that you can communicate your peril to the monitoring station when they call?  None of the choices keep you very safe, or calm the “baddie” down. . .

Scenario #2: Using a Pinnacle Security Duress Code

Your jog was especially eventful, two dogs made you sprint a little longer than usual, and the sprinkler at the Johnson’s house cooled you down at exactly the right moment.  Tired and thirsty, you eagerly unlock the front door, unaware of the hulking shape behind the nearby tree.  As you open the door, a solid force throws you to the entry floor and grimy hands slam your door shut.  You look up into your assailant’s eyes and see desperation and panic.  He’s just realized that there is an alarm system on the wall.  “Please don’t hurt me,” you say as you move slowly to the panel.  “I’ll disarm it, just please don’t hurt me.”  You enter your duress code, and the alarm stops beeping, followed by the cool british voice verbally acknowledging “Disarmed.”  Hesitant and still nervous, the intruder looks back at you.  With confidence, you let him know he can take whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t hurt you.  “There’s a nice TV on the wall there,” you say “And there’s cash in my wallet over on the counter.”  His eyes travel to each, and his look of desperation turns to greed.  But while he’s relaxed, thinking he has all the time in the world to rob you blind, little does he know the Monitoring station just sent an priority communication to your police dispatch of “Possible Hostage Situation”  and now all nearby squad cars are now converging on your home, ready to surround your premises and do what our boys in blue do best, protect you and your home.

It was the same jogger, the same intruder, but a very different outcome, all thanks to the Pinnacle Security Duress Code.

Don’t have a duress code?  Its easy to set one up.  Just contact our Tech Support department and they’ll walk you through the steps.

AN IMPORTANT WORD OF CAUTION:  Using a Duress code by accident can create the WORST type of false alarms.  Imagine thinking you disarmed your system but shortly thereafter seeing the SWAT team surround your home.  Imagine when they point guns at you and your family and force you to prove your identity.  No homeowner should have to endure that.  Be sure that the duress code you create is different enough from your master code or any of your user codes that you won’t ever use it by mistake.  There are few things more disappointing or frustrating to our hard-working law enforcement than hustling out to what turns out to be a false alarm.

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