Pinnacle Security Wichita KS Office Helps Habitat for Humanity

Pinnacle Security Wichita KS Office Helps Habitat for Humanity

The Pinnacle Security office in Wichita, KS rallied together early thursday morning to lend a hand in work on a Habitat for Humanity project.  Over 20 Security Consultants took time out of their day to work alongside area teens and local volunteers to shingle the roof and frame the interior of the home.

“It was a great experience to help those in need” Jason Bailey, a Security Consultant said. “I would love to help Habitat for Humanity again in the future.”

Led by Regional Manager McKay Selph, the team gave up their early morning free time to help in the effort.

“I think it’s fantastic that they do this to help people.” Says Gracie Monenegro, another Security Consultant. “I was really excited to be a part of it.”

The Security Consultants, many of which are college students on summer break, spend their days walking from home to home, meeting with local families to help assess their security needs and provide custom solutions to fit their home and family’s lifestyle.

“As Door to Door Security Consultants we see a lot of people in all kinds of situations” Brett Aldridge tells. “But knowing that some people don’t even have a roof over our heads?  Working on that house reminded me to be thankful for everything in life.”

A few minor injuries reminded the team that this isn't easy work...

It wasn’t easy work either, a few minor injuries reminded the Security Consultants that the work they were doing is a little harder than donating a few cans of food.  “I’ve regularly dropped cans off at the local food bank or had people come collect them from our home,” says Mike Ferrel, another Security Consultant on the team. “but to put our sweat into benefiting a family in need?  That is an incredibly rewarding experience.”

Habitat for Humanity mentioned they were short on volunteers for the project, so Mark Stump, Director of Direct Services for United Way of the Plains was both surprised and happy to get the call from Pinnacle Security.  “It was perfect timing” he said.  “Pinnacle Security called me up and said they were looking for a service project to use as a team building activity.  They were eager to help, and wanted to do something out in the community.  When I suggested the Habitat job we both knew it was a perfect match.”

While the Team members in the Pinnacle Security Wichita office completed the framing of one home, the other volunteers were able to put down flooring in three bedrooms inside a second home.  “We got a lot of work done.” Says Selph proudly.  “I’m glad we did it and I hope they’ll let us volunteer again.”

For more information on Pinnacle Security’s philanthropic efforts, you can visit the Securing Hope page on  You can also see pictures of this and other Securing Hope projects on Pinnacle Security’s Flickr album.

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